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Afghanistan and Central Asian Association
Today's guests on global talk are Dr Nooralhaq Nasimi, the founder and director ...
Afghan Women & Business In London - Manai London
In this show we have the founders of Manai, two entrepreneurial women who combin...
Interview with Abdul Ghafoor on forced deportations to Afghanistan
In this special episode of Global Talk an interview with Abdul Ghafoor, who was ...
Talk with Zainab Homam - Afghan Action
In this episode of Global talk Zainab Homam explains about her work with Afghan ...
Interview with Guy Smallman
Guy Smallman is a London based photojournalist and producer. He has worked all o...
Talk with Maya Evans - British Peace Campaigner
Maya Evans is a well-known and broadly respected British peace campaigner. She i...
Talk with Hamaya - My journey to Palestine
Hamaya recently visited Palestine and in this episode of Global Talk she talks a...
Talk with Hanan Mansi - BMECP
BMECP, Black and Minority Ethnic Community Partnership, was set up in 2000, and ...
Talk with Matt - Calais
In this episode of Global Talk an interview with Matt, a Calaisian and active wi...
Talk with Steve Silverwood
Find out what is Refugee Radio, how did all began and the latest developments. I...
Talk with Ariel Safdie of NCADC
In this episode of Global Talk a talk with Ariel Safdie of NCADC (National Coali...
News & updates from migration front
Corporate reveals; new detention phone system to keep detainees under control, d...
National Unity Government - Talk With Dr. Mohammad Sediq Afg...
Neuroscience & Pshychology - Talk with Elham Fateh
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Afghanistan and Central Asian Association
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The Struggle of LGBTQ Asians in The West
Youthopia With Elaha
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Talk with Ramazan Bashardost - Parliamentary Elections
Interview With Lina Rozbih Haidari
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Tabla for Two - Interview with Abigail Adams Greenway
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GB Election 2015 - Are we surprised with the results?
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