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Afghan Mirman Project

Empowering Afghan Women via Community Media

Afghan Mirman Project is a strict women only educational and creative community media project.

It has the aim to empower women via understanding more about different aspects of media and develop skills to use media in a creative, respectful and safe way towards the benefit of the community.

What will women get out of Afghan Mirman?

It is an opportunity for women to share their skills and knowledge with each other and use these skills towards their own personal creativity, or in support of a good cause. 
It is also an opportunity for women to use professional equipment, or understanding their own (consumer) equipment better.

A professional Afghan Mirman page will be created on the Afghan Voice site.
There will be a focus on Internet Safety and Social Media usage, law, and ethics.
Participants will receive certification at the end of the project.

There will be volunteer opportunities with Afghan Voice at the end of the project, and/or continue with Afghan Mirman. 

The project exists of group sessions and one to one or team mentoring in a safe and respectful environment. Support will be provided throughout the project.
Languages: English, Pashto and Dari.

For women who would like to participate:

  1. All women are welcome (16+)
  2. No need for media knowledge or advanced IT skills, all levels welcome
  3. It is not necessary to be fluent in English
  4. Be able to commit half a day per week for training and workshops

Be interested in:

  • Multi media Production (audio, video, photography)
  • Community Broadcasting (radio and citizen journalism)
  • Social Media and Blogging (laws, ethics, safety)


  • The workshops and trainings are totally FREE
  • Travel cost for London zones will be reimbursed
  • Places are limited so avoid last minute applications
  • Strict deadline for application is 15th August

How to Apply:

To apply download the application form below.

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