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Madrasa - A true based story film by Asad Sikandar
On the 13th of October 2011, The Afghan director Assad Sikandar was stopped from screening his film "Madrasa" at the Estiqlal high school in Kabul.
The screening was interrupted before it could be launched and it was stopped by the order of Iranian Embassy in Kabul, with the help of Ms. Delta, an Iranian-French citizen who is working in Kabul for Estiqlal high school (the French funded school in Kabul) and Engineer Latif, the Director of Afghan film. Contacts were also made between the French government officials and Iranian officials in Kabul to stop the film from before it's first screening in the hall of Estiqlal high school.
In a protest of the Afghan cinema members in the Estiqlal high school urged the government to answer why the government is limiting their freedoms and preventing them from showing the truths portrayed in the film "Madrasa".
During his interview with the national media Mr. Sikandar stated; "I request the Afghan government to allow me to do the screening of the film, if I am not allowed screening in Afghanistan, I will go to the international community." Listen to Asad Sikandar's speech 
"Madrasa" portrays an innocent 8-year-old Afghan girl Meena who wants to go to School, but circumstances and law in Iran don't allow her to go. Her father Farhad goes to every extent so that his daughter can go to School and fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor. The story reaches a point where everything seems impossible, but courage, love and sacrifice makes its own statement.
Diana Sikandar 
Asad Sikandar 
Takhmina Radzhabova Regdasad 
Ghulam Farooq Sarkosh 
Ziagul Shahnawazi 
Aziz Ahmed Faizi
Iran interference in Afghanistan
Iranian officials and government are blamed and accused of interference in Afghanistan's affairs, supporting the insurgents and certain political parties in Afghanistan, but so far they have denied all the accusations made against them. Iran also denied the bad behaviour with Afghan refugees and the executions of Afghan refugees in Iran. In the latest news it appears that Western countries, basically America, plans to isolate Iran from the economic and business markets and stop all trading with Iran. This has widely concerned ordinary Irani businessmen and people.

Estiqalal High School
Estiqlal high school was built by the request of King Amanullah Khan suggested to the French government to support that educational organization which was called (Amania). The French government of that time accepted the request and sent several educators to Kabul. In 1931 Amania the name of this educational center changed to Istiglal which means (freedom). In 1965 after King Zahir Shah returned from a trip of France, he ordered to build a new building for Istiqlal School in the same spot. The work started by placing the rock of the building by the French prime minister (Georges Pompidou) when he was in a visit in Kabul. In 1974 the school was inaugurated and over 2300 students were studying on that time by 31 French teachers. When the communist regime took the power the diplomatic relation got worst and French teachers left the country until 2002. Today French supported Istiqlal is modern school with expert educators and high method of teaching.
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