06:00 - 07:00
Anupam Shobhakar & Qais Essar - Sarod and Rebab

Anupam Shobhakar is a highly talented, first round Grammy (2010) Sarodist who hails from the Baba Allaudin Khan Gharana of Maihar, under the tutelage of Ustad Aashish Khan, son of the late Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, grandson of the Acharya Baba Alludin Khan. Shobhakar's musical training has been in the Dhruvapada and and Senia Beenkar and Senia Rababiya Gharana's of North India, and also has benefited from studying Surbahar ang from his first teacher Sri Suresh Vyas, a senior disciple of Guru Dr Annapurna Devi. As a classical Sarodist, Shobhakar has performed in festivals all over the India and the Globe. As a Composer, Shobhkar collaborates with musicians from all backgrounds, forging new musical ideas and always keeping the Sarod center stage in his endeavors.


Qais Essar, international artist, talented musician, composer, and well experienced live performer, carries on the traditional legacy of classical Afghan instrumentation, as set by Ustad Mohammad Omar- the "Father of the Rabab". Essar has been trained extensively in both classical and traditional mediums, Essar has been able to fuse the Rabab with both western and eastern styling, collaborating with many prominent artists and masters, covering the musical spectrum, performing domestically and internationally. In composition, he strives to bring the age-old Rabab into the 21st century, in a classical and innovative fashion.


Video Credit: Makiz NasirAhmad

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