01:00 - 02:00
The Afghan Voice Radio studio is a small studio fully equipped with professional Internet broadcasting, recording and editing equipment and software.
It is suitable for recording interviews and acoustic music sessions for live broadcasting or podcasting. The studio is tailored for radio; it is not a music recording studio.
Although the studio is small, there is the possibility to do video or photo shoots in the studio, for a vidcast or to put photos with your podcast for instance.
Our audiovisual facilities and professional team can be hired for educational, non-profit and special events.

It is possible to hire the studio, but our team can also do live broadcasting on location, do video and/or photo shoots, or do pre-records on location.

Available equipment & facilities for community and charity organisations
  • Mobile broadcasting/streaming system
  • Voice recorders, with or without reporter microphone
  • Sound mixer for semi-professional audio work
  • 3 point or 5 point lighting set
  • Black/white backdrop 
  • Canon FX105 camera (incl. tripod)
  • Canon photo camera
Our team members do have access to other cameras and equipment, but they are not included in this list. For special requests please get in touch.
The radio studio is available for hire to members via the membership scheme, non-profit organisations and students (College and Universities) for free or at a low cost.

One of our technical team members has to be available to set up all the equipment, test it and guide you through the process, or if there is a technical problem that needs to be solved.

Students can hire the studio for assignments, or projects. Depending on the assignment/project budget we can discuss a suitable price.
Students are also able to do their work experience with us and will be able to use the studio for free.

Members of Afghan Voice can hire the studio for free via the membership scheme.

Non-profit organisations can hire the studio at affordable rates.

Our rates are guidelines and prices may vary depending on budget, time, day, or project. Rates are viewable here.