Our Community Work

Since our core foundation is around community media principles, we always think of the community first and service to their needs in the short and long terms. We make sure that our projects and work is always centred to the community ideas and initiatives. We will not only stop here but go beyond, we make sure to deliver all media skills to help the members of the community to produce content through our community media projects.

Our community media projects are funded by different donors, or either we offer them as one off free media workshops to deliver the skills to non media practitioners to help them grasp the changes and challenges of new media world that has a direct impact on their communities. Our community media projects are designed to train and work with all levels of people in the community, even if they are just starters or basic learners of media skills. Through our community media projects we make sure that members of the community gain some sort of skills that not only enable them to tell their narratives and stories to the outside world but to add up on their extra skills to broaden the work-ability in their current or future jobs.

We also use our community media projects to help members of the community to initiate and create their own platforms to give voice to their community. We will help them set up basics of the platform and through different phases support them to develop it further. These platforms will help communities to raise awareness and open dialogue culture within their community to change mindsets for better development of the community.

We work in direct partnership with Crown Social Care on community projects that aim at young people from diaspora community that are supported by CSC.


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