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Going Live
Studio 1:1 Technical Mentorship
Learn and develop skills of live streaming and broadcast with our 1:1 mentorship program
Hire Studio & Facilities
You can hire our studio and facilities for your project and community media work.

If you’re considering launching your podcast or stepping behind the microphone for live streaming, our team is dedicated to providing personalised 1:1 technical mentorship sessions. These sessions are designed to help you cultivate the essential studio technical skills required to operate digital devices (both hardware and software). Alongside this, we will equip you with both technical and non-technical proficiencies, enhancing your comprehension of modern streaming technologies and their practical application.

Engaging in our technical mentorship program necessitates a minimum of 6 months of volunteering commitment, involving contributions in both technical and non-technical spheres of our operations. We are confident that within this 6-month timeframe, you’ll amass the necessary confidence and competencies to transform your vision into reality and embark on your independent endeavours.

Should your interest lie solely in content production or hosting exclusive shows, we extend the opportunity to utilise our studio space along with basic streaming equipment and facilities. In support of the operational costs, a modest financial contribution may be required for hourly or daily usage.