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If you are thinking of to establish and learn new digital media skills to start your live streaming then our team is more than happy to offer you 1:1 sessions to help you develop and learn the skills required for it. We will also provide you with technical and non-technical training to make sure your go live in our studio until you are a well establish community broadcaster. This program will require you to join our team for a minimum of 3 months volunteering in production and 3 months in non-technical skills, to gain all the skills to turn your vision into digital media platform.

If you are only thinking of using our platform to go live, then we will only offer you our space and studio environment, and if you require further facilities we may charge you a minimum fee for it. If you project and work is totally non profit and for the community within our broadcast guidelines then will do it for free. Though there are further terms and conditions may apply in producing content under our studios facilities.


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