Initiator, founder, director and the creative brains of AV company and radio. Former student of Political Science and IR and currently specialising in Journalism, visual media, films, and photography in London. He has a broad experience with community radio broadcasting, public broadcasting and have done many case studies for institutes in England. He is a trustee of Refugee Radio in Brighton and been former advisor to the GOA.

Presenter and producer of Insight show. A computer software engineer graduate and also working with a London based company. He is also leading a multimedia company in London for international clients. He has been working with Afghan community regardin different issues, from immigration to social projects.

In January 2018, after long years of commitment with AVR on different levels he is appointed as one of the Directors of the company now by the members of Directors and volunteers. He still is Co-hosting with Insight weekly talk show. Azizi is also an inpdenpdent analyst and writes on variety of topics related to Afghanistan and the region. Graduated from Economics faculty and has long years of working experience with International organisations in Afghanistan in Finance section.

Founder, director, radio manager, and daily organisation management of Afghan Voice CIC. Ariadne studied media and is a freelance filmmaker, trainer, script writer and knowledgeable in dramaturgy. She is learning the Pashto and Dari languages.

Presenter and producer of Frontline show and currently by professional a well experienced paralegal with a law firm in England. He is also one of the former co-founders of the Afghan student organisation and fully committed individual of the Afghan community in London.

A graduate of UCL and passionate about medical research. His show Inside Health aims to provide general information on common disease, first aid tips and advice, healthy lifestyle and wellbeing advice and finally, provide up-to-date medical research news from reliable sources. He was involved for four years with Finnish Red Cross as an event first aider and a year with St John ambulance.

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